Saturday, September 25, 2010


Almost all people ever listen to music. Listening to music is the most fun. With music a person can feel a calm, peaceful, and remember a sweet memories of the past. If we observe the children are also very pleased to hear the music, even they can be dancing with this music.
What the benefits actually obtained when we hear music? According to various sources, music could provide benefits to every person who heard it. Here are the benefits of listening to music for you.

- Increases intelligence. 
There are several studies stating when the child has heard the music, their intelligence is a higher than the average of a person who does not hear the music. Classics music such as Mozart's music is also good for babies and pregnant women because it will improve the intelligence of babies and make the mother is more relaxed.

- Refreshing
Sometimes when we feel bored and do not know what to do, by listening to music even though only a few moments we will be able to feel refreshed. So we will get the spirit back to our activities.

- Motivation
We can take an example when the state flag ceremony or event or even when giving an Olympic medal. When we follow him, we come to sing the national song or anthem. By singing that we will be motivated to love our nation, a national hero, and even give a new spirit for us. There are even some people who will be easy to learn or work with listening to music.

- Therapy
Music therapy can be done to reduce the anxiety of patients who underwent various operations or a series of heavy process in the hospital. Because, the music will help reduce pain and improve mood of patients.
Music therapy also can help relieve depression in hospital patients more quickly. Music therapy can be applied to patients with Alzheimer's to make them quieter and helps improve memory.

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