Thursday, June 25, 2009


The King of pop, Michael Jackson has gone on Thursday, 25 June 2009 at 02,26 PM (Los Angeles). Who do not recognize him? Now all the world miss on him. At Thursday 25 June 2009, Michael Jackson is brougt to Ronald Reagen Medical Center in a state of unconscious, because of heart attack. During one hour all doctors and paramedis over there try to save its soul. But all their effort is fail. His older brother Jermaine said, that the king of pop, michael jackson has gone forever, because of heart attack at his house, and the cause of his death not opened yet until the result of its autopsy, is planned on Friday.

Its feather in one's cap in world of music has brought memory for all the people. During its life, this King of Pop has reach of hundreds of appreciation, beside several problem. Precisely counted 197 cup have been reached ,Start from American Music Awards, MTV Awards till Grammy Award and of Golden Globe of Awards.

Michael jackson (Jacko) started his career in music world since year 1975 with theirs, "The Jackson Five". He is more writing song. Till finally in year 1971 Jacko have career to solo singer. Jacko also reach for 13 cup of Guinness Book World Records . His song ' Trillers' pocketing The Best Selling Album of All Time, Lifetime Achievement Awards and of Most Successful Music Video. Jacko is the first musician who made entertainment and music on stage. He sang his song with a unique and his appearance which up to now become icon of world fashion.
Good bye Jacko, You are not alone, God is beside You....

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donna510 said...

Mourn story, still touching even though i've been read it so many times.

Have a good morning bang Piter.