Friday, June 19, 2009


Every the third week in june, most of people around the world always commemorate father's day. If we see in Indonesia, this day falls on sunday, June, 21ST 2009. Most of people in my country don't know about this special day or no care about this. But by dozens people remember this day and give a celebration to their father, including me:). According to me father's day is a moment to give our father an appreciation, not because of present or gift, but rather from that, appropriately we give a pride for him. We can show him an achievement,give him a confidence which we can through this life and show our responsibilities especially reaching the future.

Maybe we don't realize if he pass way (late), how heavy the burden which we shoulder?, can we replace him and give all his sacrifice for all of family members? Beside that, can we amuse and cheer our mother on such as those which he done? He works night and day, without recognizing fatigue. Even his work challenge a high risk and lethal. he did it for one motivation; responsibiliy! Every his sweat drip , likely become forerunner of life to its family.Sometime we don't know what he did outside and find something to bring a happiness to his family.

In this father's day... for my sweet father and sweet mother in heaven, I'm giving you a cup of copy as you like and always drink it in the morning before i go to school.I'm drinking this only for you...

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donna510 said...

Happy Fathers Day bang Pieter.
Have a nice weekend.