Sunday, June 7, 2009


Are you a blogger ? How kind you are... Why I said so, because all bloggers in the world give the information, share the experience, and give the way out to readers’ problem with no money or we called it FREE. A blogger is a person who gives their readers without expecting money. With this reason, a blogger is a person who cares about everything. Although they are tired, they are not in the mood, they have a difficulty to write a new post, but for all their readers a blogger must find a new news, a new information or new article and post it and give it to their readers free. This is not an easy one.
Why bloggers do this? Many reasons to discribes this question. I think, because they realize that one blog can give a satisfaction and earn you money. If you wanna to get two beside (satisfaction and money), for the first You should give the people / readers something they need. For example: articles, tips, education,science,knowledge, and more.
When all your readers get it from your blog, step by step your blog will be loved by them. Automatically You and your blog will be recognized by people in the world and occupying good position especially in google PR and list of more search engine. It means that your blog has many visitors everyday. When You’ve gotten this thing, this is the time to monetize your blog. You can receive an advertisement , You can join into several online business, even you can sale your blog if someone need it, and many ways to monetize your blog. Then, you will get satisfaction and get money from your blog although you provide and give your blog content free.
So.. never hesitate to give all your knowledge although it’s free. Remember..! the main is how your blogger has many readers and visitors. After that you can take what You need.

Keep blogging.



nyoman said...


ya, kami blogger memang tidak memungut biaya untuk informasi, blog kami dikunjungi aja udah seneng :)

donna510 said...

i haven't think about the money yet. i like the challenge & it's a good place to see new friends.

Keep on blogging bang Piter, plz visit me and take my tag for u.