Thursday, June 11, 2009


In this time, blog has very expanding and very enthused by all people in the world. From adolescent or students till parents. Whosoever easily create a blog and create post that very multifarious.
Initially blog is created for hobby and a media to pour ideas. Step by step the growth of blog have brought advantage to the its owner. Besides famous with masterpieces that he wrote, also yield various money making work. The greatness all blogger is so quicly write and share their experience and share many information like online business, education,culture,art,science and more. It means when we read a blog, we know many informations and events around the world.
When we wanna find information or something to download, we just remember and visit a blog that we’ve ever visited before, or find it in search engine.
Each blog has spesific vision and mission. There is a blog talk about business, talk about marketing, seo, music, job and career, about cooking, motivation and more.

So, from a blog we can find so many informations and unique experiences.

But, How if the world without blog?
  • Information media will decrease, because many of informations we get from blogs.
  • Activities in spare time will lost, because many people fill their spare time with blogging.Many people will be lazy..(look image above:)
  • Many people will lost their creativities and no media to put their opinion.
  • Advertisement media will decrease, because many online business and companies advertise /sale their product by blog.
  • We will lost our side job, because many of online business use blog as a media. It means we have no money to pay internet bill, hmmm:)
So, when blog is still available , create your blog right now and share your opinion, share your experience and aplicate your hobby. Fill your spare time with blogging and find a side job from your blog.

by:pieter silitonga

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nyoman said...

wah iya nih jangan sampai kaya RRC, pengawasan untuk blog aja ketat sekali