Wednesday, June 3, 2009


You have a computer with printer, don’t you? What for do you usually use it? Online, Typing, playing game, drawing? Why I post this article, coz this afternoon a friend of me told me that he bought a new laptop and a printer . “How to make my computer be profit?” He said to me by phone. I know that he has a skill in graphic design and has a hobby surfing in Internet. He has a hobby in painting and designing. “Serius to monetize your computer?” I asked. “Of course, friend”, he answered quickly.” Ok let’s discuss about this”, I said and asked him come to my office.
We talk each other and we find several ways to monetize his computer.
These are several ways:
  • With your computer you can make a small business by receiving job as a freelance writer, and all your job is printed by your own printer, beside that you can receive a job by creating slides when someone has no time to make it.
  • You can receive job to design cards, invitation letter, wedding invitation, book cover, creating logos, ect
  • You can teach people by opening a small class at home. You can teach them about creating a webblog, how to download/upload file, how to make an online business, and how to find an information by using search engine and how to copy-paste into microsoft word and print them.
  • With your computer you can receive a job by editing video and editing photos and print them buy your own printer.
  • With your computer you can receive a job by duplicating a special moment by burning VCD or DVD or take a job by saving important data in CD.
Readers, maybe these tips are so simple, but there are many people in several place still don’t realize and don’t understand how to do the five points above. I think this is an option and a chance for you:)
By having a spirit, working hard and smart, never give up and always improve your knowledge and ability, I think you can monetize your computer and step by step it might be true you can build your profesional business.


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