Sunday, June 21, 2009


The increase of the internet user now is very fast and more varying. Internet users use this "illusory world" for many need. There are used for finding informations, copy-paste, downloading, finding soulmate, watching, taking quiz, chatting, till using google earth, etc. Sometime they waste their time and their fund by connecting to the internet all the time. One most grievous matter in this time, many people have no time to care to social relation like giving time to friend, visiting their family, even lessen time to for children.
Ok. I think it's not problem as long as we can arrange our time and can divide all activities to internet and other activities.
But how if we try to jump to internet business while surfing or something wasting time in internet? I think this is one of
way to reduce our fund and reduce our waste time by finding something that no usefull. Beside that, with internet for business we can replace our internet bill by producing money from our internet business.
So, now is the right time to jump to internet business with several simple tips below, especially for beginner :
  • Mastering world of internet with all it’s content.
  • Finds several internet business in search engine with keyword: internet for business,online business, work at home,free online business, wealthy from internet, PPC,PTR,PTC program, selling my own product, etc.
  • Learn before many kinds of internet business such as how to join, kind of payment, payment methode, ect. ( depend on what you need).
  • Before register, try to call the admin by phone or e-mail (contact us).
  • If You have a plan to sell your own product like e-book, handycraft, furniture, or other product, making a website or blog is one of condition or rule, as a your online shop.
  • Marketing your website or blog by online and ofline methode, and release all visitor find it and buy your product. Marketing by online you can regist your online shop to many search engine, facebook, e-mail,twitter, friendster, etc.
  • If you are a beginner, it’s better try joining to a free register online business first,like PPC,PTR or PTC.
by pieter silitonga

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donna510 said...

Good idea bang Piet. Keep on find new way.

Have a very good day!