Saturday, June 13, 2009


Wimax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a broadband wireless access that has high access ( 260MBps ) with wide of reach. WiMAX is very usefull to access internet wherever. As far as we know untill now we can access internet connection by using Wifi, dial up connection and broadband with modem, and all of this still limited in their aplication. But..with wimax we can connected to internet from anywhere, any time as long as we have an access. Wimax can service all people in one area, coz it’s coverage reach till 40-55 km.( wider than wifi ).

But..Why this facility still unavalaible in almost cities in indonesia? As far as we know that our goverment is campaigning about world of internet, such as internet goes to school and have a plan to all people will be reached by internet connection such as “kampung internet”. I think this is one facility to provide internet connection for people who lived in many cities in this country. If we compare with wifi or dial up connection this wimax has more advantages to fullfill internet connection for people. Wifi is narrower and limited areal, and only available in a certain hotspot like mall, resto, or cafe. Whereas dial up, beside low access it’s also has an expensive price.

How if goverment try this WIMAX facility? I thinks this is very usefull. If goverment try to build this facility, the investors will interest to participate to build all facilites in this field. Beside that all people will enjoy internet connection and get more information to reach smart people and to increase knowledge and ability especially for student. Coz if they can access to internet they will know and can compare all their knowledge in other country, and the other advantage, many people will try to get side job in online business and work at home by connecting internet. It means all unemployement will be decrease:)



nyoman said...

jangankan wimax, hdspa aja indonesia belum beres nih

masa kalah sama timor leste yg udah pakai wimax?

gleenn said...

returning your visits. hope all is great with you. smile :)

you've got great stuff on here :)