Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Have You ever thought that You are a very special? Have You ever thought a biggest award which you have ? Have you ever thought that the others are not so special than you? Have you ever thought that you can enjoy your daily activities with smile and full of health?

Many people don’t realize all the awards exist in themselves, even try to become the orhers by changing their behavior, attitude, performance, even they alter themselves that they say “bad” becoming like other person. Style of Talking , appearance and behaviour are also imitated to become the others. One most extreme is someone even alter the face, including nose, ear, eye, husk and lip by doing face lifting to eliminate all his / her insuffiency. But although altogether have been altered just remain to be dissatisfy and always feel less. This caused by most real matter which given by the God will never can change, This caused by most real matter which given by the God will never can change. This a glory award of HIm.

People As different human being of others, there is beautiful - bad, rich - poor, white - black, etc, but one matter, every human being have one idiosyncrasy. You must realize this. We are not possible to force ourselves become others. You are not worse than other, I am not better than you, and he is not special than you. Deservedly we proud at ourselves. What you see and which you envision not yet of course as beautiful as what you conceive. Luxury palace, crown have jewel throne, food which is disperse of aroma, and a praise which is the full of glamor sometimes become the source of disaster and trouble to your self.

Once, You are very special, be your self, and you needn't have to be clever run, you needn’t have to imitate the other, and you needn’t have to alter your part of body... You are a special one..



Cacai M. said...

It's a good information and a post.. Indeed everyone is unique and not be jealous of another because everyone is special.

Have a pleasant day!

eha said...

Coudn't agree more. Every one of us is special. (Jose Mourinho just popped up in my head ... sorry, couldn't help it)