Monday, July 13, 2009


Yesterday, when I manage this blog, suddenly my page rank drop to ?/10 from 2/10. I don’t know why, when I manage my blog for 30 menits, my page rank button in this page showed (?/10). What happen? I try to check directly from google page rank, the result is same (?/100). Beside that I try to use several another page rank service also showed (?/10). Finally I check from google webmaster tools but there’s no problem I found there. I try to refresh, also show the same result,( ?/10).

I don’t know why. About one month ago before this occurence, my page in http://piterbizz also has a page rank problem even untill now still show (?/10). I have try to check it with others page rank service, also the result is same. Is this caused when I made a post from PTR program and suddenly my page rank has losed ? But one humorous matter, when I try to check it in one page rank service (, my page rank showed (3/10) ( latest Page Rank before occurence).

Progressively confuse. To assure is this problem, I visit my friend’s blog and I find there’s no something problem there, all their Page rank is stabil and look like no have problems.

To solve this problem I have hanged my template and promote my blog via shoutbox and other page rank service, but my page rank blog is still have a problem. What happen? Is this matter caused by a review post which is hated by uncle Google, or there is something problem in google page rank checker? Untill now all my page rank is still have a problem (?/10). I am so tired to find it again, but It has gone...Shall I say good bye to google page rank?

by, pieter silitonga


reni said...

Lho.. kok bisa anjlok gitu ya ? Ya sabar aja dulu deh...

budiawanhutasoit said...

ga usah say goodbye lae..biarin aja..nge-blog aja spt biasa..entar juga bakalan naik..
om gugel itu emang rada2 aneh..jgn kita ikutan dia yg aneh..kita kan normal..hehe