Wednesday, July 22, 2009


“Life in the world is full of grief”. This sentence is often we heard especially in song lyric. In the reality, this expression almost true. Nowdays, life in the world is full of problems, grief, and blame each other. Almost people in the world have no peace and no calmness anymore. War, hardness of household, murder, capital punishment, bomb, nuclear weapon,rebellion, disease epidemic, etc is a look common in this time that depicting how annoyed of peacefulness and pacification in all the world. Not only human, but all creatures in the world become threatenedly.

Why all these must be happened? And how all this situation can happened? Is everyone become egoist? Not have esteeming each other? And needn't peace anymore? And all humans be individualistic? And no love anymore? We know that Human being as highest creature among all the creation by the creator are the cause of this misery and calamity. Though differentiating human being with the other creation is human being have mind and conscience. With this excellence means that human being have been given affection and love. With this affection and love, all the human will never made the other to be suffer. even as according to each religion teaching that have never been taught for life for bothering each other and fatal each other. With existence of affection and love hence human being can live in peace , do not each other bearing malice, and do not kill each other. Even make a martyr of safety each others.

Basically love is an expression what a pity and our sympathy to love and someone is done human being to other object, in the form of selfsacrifice, empathy, attention, giving affection, and obedient. Love to humanity is feeling of sympathy entangling circumstantial emotion.
According to Erich Fromm, there are four rules to realizing the love, they are: Knowledge - Responsibilty - Care - Respect... the name of peace...LET'S LOVE EACH OTHER.


silver said...

yah love yer enemy too and have a peace of mind..

Biasa Saja said...

heal the world..

stroevanka said...

hai,,, nice post,,,,, keep updating.... smile 4 u

donna510 said...

love ... without seeing who, what & where, without something in return.