Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sudden Breath Shortness

About 1 month ago I have a problem sudden shortness of breath. Feeling very claustrophobic and imagine something dangerous, quickly I was taken to a nearby hospital by my wife. During on the way I feel very short of breath and increasingly congested. I'm very worry.

Upon arriving at the hospital and enter to emergency unit room, the nurse put oxygen into my nose and giving a drug under the tongue. The goal is to loosen the tightness. But for 30 minutes does not give good results. I'm still short of breath. Finally they checked my heart with ECG and torax photograph. While waiting for the results, my shortness not stop.

After nearly 1 hour, finally oxygen is replaced by a kind of smoke that is inserted into the nose and my mouth. I was told to inhale with the nose and mouth to release. It runs about 10 minutes. Finally, I stop short of breath. Stopped not because of oxygen but because of the smoke given therapy.

After waiting for the results of the examination until the next day, I was notified that I suffer  pneumonia in the right lung. In addition there is a kind of positive troponin. Finally I was given medication. The doctor sent me home and told take medication once a day. There isosorbide dinitrate, concorde, and lasix furosemide.
I was taking them until now. But until now I feel that I have not fully recovered. Sometimes I feel claustrophobic and rapid fatigue when walking or climbing stairs.

I did not consult a doctor until now. Question, I have shortness  is it because of pneumonia or heart problems?

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