Thursday, July 31, 2014

Often Wash the Face, But ACNE Still Stubborn


Anyone definitely upset if acne is not lost although we diligent washing the face. This caused confusion because we do not know what to do anymore.

In principle, acne occurs because of blockage of oil glands on face which then become inflamed and infected by the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes. This blockage occurs because of a dirty face by cosmetics, dust, irritated skin and also because of the influence of hormones. Acne can also occur due to physical stress, emotional stress, diet and sleep patterns. So wash your face is not necessarily free from acne.

However, the following tips can make your face free from acne. 

  1. Scrub. Exfoliating or removing dead skin is very important to get a smooth face. Do the facial scrub every two or three days with a special facial scrub.
  2. Toner. Many women forget rubbing toner after cleansing the face. The goal is that the toner can cleanse the skin and absorb excess oil in the skin pores and tighten. Choose a toner that does not Contain too much alcohol, it can lead to dry skin.
  3. Masks. Masks aim to lift the remains of dirt and give an injection of vitamins on the skin. Choose a mask that suits your skin condition.
  4. Moisturizer.  Make skin moist is the key to looking young and smooth face. In order to make it easier, you can spray the face of fresh water, such as Evian Water Face.
  5. Sunblock.  The sun is one trigger wrinkles and black spots on the face. Protect the face from the sun by using sunblock.
  6.  Foundation. Foundation is the foundation on the face before makeup. Choose a foundation color one level lighter than your skin tone to give a brighter effect.

 Above all, to free our facial from acne, avoid the consumption of sweet foods, sugar, dairy, do not sleep too late, avoid stress, avoid too much sun exposure, and avoid smoking.

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