Saturday, August 9, 2014

You Already Consume PAPAYA Today?

Papaya is a fruit that is easy to obtain. This fruit comes from southern Mexico and South America. But the papaya fruit development has been spread throughout the globe, especially in the area of ​​the equator. Almost all places, this plant can grow and bear fruit well. In modern markets and traditional markets papaya fruit is always there for sale. The price is also not expensive and very easy to consume.

This yellow fruit is rich in vitamins A and C are very good for health. We know that vitamin A is an important things for eye health and anti-cancer. Similarly, vitamin C is very good for overcoming fever, colds, and flu. Papaya also helps to solve menstrual problem and stomach cramps.

In addition to the above benefits, papaya is also very useful for:
  • Health facial skin because It helps open clogged pores and acne Eliminate. Fermented papaya meat good for removing dead skin cells, giving the skin freshness, and makes the skin more radiant.
  • Being Able to lower cholesterol levels because It is rich in fiber. Papaya contains enzymes that help Prevent heart attacks. The antioxidants in papaya helps in controlling premature aging.
  • Prevent Constipation and help the digestive system naturally. Papaya juice helps in curing colon infection by cleaning the pus and mucus from the intestines. Drink papaya juice regularly will help speed up healing.
  • For a pregnant woman, eating a slice of papaya regularly helps cure nausea and morning sickness. Papaya contains the enzyme anti-inflammatory that can relieve pain for Those who suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis, and edema.
  • Maintain Kidney Health. In addition to fruit, papaya seeds also Contain essential nutrients for health. Papaya seeds and phenotic Contain flavonoids, an active substance plays an important role roomates in maintaining the health of the kidneys.
 You already eat papaya today?

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