Thursday, June 26, 2014

Go to sleep! If not, Dangerous!

When World Cup 2014 like this season, many people especially men lost sleep time. Imagine many people watch from 11 pm in the night  till early tomorrow morning around 5am. They stay and drink or eat while chatting to resist staying up while watching the ball. Moment like this can run during world cup for a month.

Actually many adverse events when a person continues to stay up and have a short sleep time. Obtained from various sources, if someone is always late to sleep and generally above 12 o'clock at night, he was at risk of contact with various diseases. Not only that, they could die suddenly.

Here are the dangerous  points if a person is often too late to sleep:

Because accustomed to sleep on top at 12 am, you can suffer from prolonged insomnia. The body will feel staying in shape even though it was past midnight. If left unchecked, become limp when you wake up not being able to meet the quota sleep as suggested, which is seven to eight hours per day.

Sleep on top at 12 am everyday means to cut rations break during the day. As a result, when you are at work, you will always sleepy and lower productivity for completing the task. In addition, sleepiness can also increase the risk of accidents when you travel to and from work.

Immune System
In connection with the body's biological clock which also plays a role in shaping the immune system, the brain involved hampered performance on this issue. Sleep on top at 12 am finally lowered immune system, so you at increased risk of various diseases, ranging from mild to lethal. Waking up late can destroy white blood cells are useful for immunity.

Cardiovascular Disease
A research has shown that lack of sleep can increase the risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. Sleep late that consistently makes you susceptible to heart disease and can lead to stroke. Coupled with not getting the optimal amount of rest time, the blood pressure will increase because not getting enough rest.

Sleep six hours or less overnight also increase the risk of cancer. This was proven by a study conducted by experts from Japan. According to researchers, the hormone melatonin is produced by the body that should be reduced in number if the schedule was reduced. While the lack of the hormone melatonin itself is closely related to cancer risk.

In addition to melatonin, the hormone controlling appetite also impaired when you like to sleep on top at 12 am. Because sleep late increase the desire to snack. Yet the habit of snacking at night is less healthy and can lead to weight gain to childhood obesity.

Sleeping late can damage the hormones in the body. It can make you intolerant to glucose because of the amount of insulin produced by the body decreases. As a result, your risk of diabetes was natural.

Weak Reflex
Less sleep for long hours can affect your central nervous system. As a result, the system will be weakened reflexes.

So, this is the best time to arrange your sleep hour and avoid diseases caused by lack of sleep.


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