Friday, June 13, 2014

Breast MILK For Adults

In China, breast milk not only consumed by baby. Adults also was hooked by this special milk. They did not hesitate to spend much money to drink this high nutrient milk.

This phenomenon occurs in Shenzhen City. A lot of people 'rent' for nursing mothers breastfed. What's more, China People also been traumatized after consuming infant formula contaminated with melamine that killed dozens of babies.

This condition eventually arrested as a business opportunity. For example, Lin jun, local residents took the initiative to open up the service to provide breast milk for infants and adults.

Prospective customers were given the choice of whether drinking breast milk directly from the breast or is already in bottles. "Maybe if that does not feel uncomfortable to drink straight, could use a bottle," he said.

The majority of consumers are the rich man. Understandably, rates for enjoying  breastfeeding mothers is not cheap. Prospective customers are required to pay up to 1300 dollars or about Rp 13 million for breastfeeding service for a month. They believe that drink this milk they will be fit and milk make them full of healthy.

Lin ensure that recruits nursing mothers is very important, they must have a high health and  it is through a medical check-up first. Once hired, nursing mothers only duty 'produce' breast milk to meet consumer demand. "We'll make the contract work. Later  nursing mothers works as a baby sitter for adults, "he said.

This Breastfeeding mothers business is feared would be as a sexual services. Even so, this does not concern to the police responded. In the eyes of law enforcement, nursing mothers is difficult named as a prostitution.

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