Sunday, June 15, 2014

Eliminate Black Spots on Face Naturally

For men or women, face is one of important part of the body that very valuable because it will greatly support the appearance. Especially the women, face is one part of the body is very important and requires special attention to maintenance. A woman will feel  not confident when have blemishes, dark spots, or wrinkles on her face.

If You have a problem in face, not to worry, the following will make your face remains smooth, beautiful, and white light.

Here are some ways to eliminate black spots on face naturally and cheap budget: 
  • Using Cucumber Skin. You stay rub cucumber skin on the face that there are many black spots. Very good also for you to consume a lot of unpeeled cucumber. In addition to nutritious skin to brighten and eliminate dark spots on the face, unpeeled cucumber was also able efficacious to make your skin firmer.
  • Using Skin Papaya Fruit. You just put a papaya fruit peel at black spots on your face that is to be removed. To eliminate black spots and inhibit the release of wrinkles on the facial skin, the skin turns papaya could be one alternative.
  • Using Sweet Orange Peel. First of all you need to make a potion of sweet orange peel. Then strain the herb. After that, water was boiled sweet orange peel while still warm. It is recommended to drink this concoction once a day over a period of three months to get maximum results. Not only can serve to eliminate the black spots on the face, sweet orange peel extract can also serve to smooth the skin.
  • Before Going bed in the night, don't forget washing your face by using soap.

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