Thursday, October 7, 2010


You are certainly familiar with the egg isn't it? Almost every day this oval object we can see in the market, homes, restaurants, and other places. Eggs have a high nutrition and the foods that can be obtained quickly to improve health and prevent diseases of degeneration due to aging.

However, many people avoid eggs because of worry about the high cholesterol content. Right, but a high cholesterol content was highly concentrated in egg yolks.

What about the content of egg white (albumin)? Egg whites are often included in the diet menu, including for lowering cholesterol levels.

Detailed information about egg whites is as follows:

One egg contains about 213 mg of cholesterol concentrations in egg yolk. While the egg whites contain no cholesterol.

High Protein
Egg whites are one source of high protein easily available, in addition to other essential nutrient content. Egg whites also produce proteins that can be directly absorbed by the body. Unlike other protein sources like meat that must pass through a long process before it is absorbed the body.

Low Calorie

A single egg contains about 71 calories are concentrated in egg yolks. While calories are contained in the egg whites are very low. Those who were undergoing weight-loss diet programs usually incorporate the egg whites into the breakfast menu. Intake of egg white will give power without increasing the levels of calories and fat.

From the above benefits, it is reasonable to incorporate the egg whites in the daily diet menu to improve our health

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