Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Self esteem can be interpreted as a reward for ourselves. How does respect to himself, respect his job, respect  the relationships with friends and family and how one can see the position / place in society.
Self esteem also describes how a person accepted by the surroundings and how success and failure that we experience.

Self esteem is formed from the mind since the children who come from the talks which absorbed childhood or treatment received in childhood.
With simple, self-esteem is:
1. Self-acceptance
How can we accept ourselves as is, with all its advantages and disadvantages that exist.
2. Self-respect
We must respect ourselves because we are God's creatures are privileged to be given reason and wisdom.
3. Self-confidence
We have great potential to live successful and happy. When we find the potential in yourself, then that confidence will grow by itself.
4. Satisfaction as a person
Every people has its pros and cons of each. If we acknowledge this limitation with open minded, we can feel satisfied with ourselves and can feel proud of what we have.

How far Self-Esteem can influence someone?

If we are not able to accept yourself what it is, the disappointment will arise and will tend to be sensitive to the attitudes and behaviors of others. Thus there is no longer possible for self pride can even self-destructive. If it is not proud of yourself and do not have confidence, someone will easily envious and cynical toward others.

So, really good time right now to respect ourselves. Do it:)
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