Monday, October 11, 2010


Although coffee was delicious, but the drink is often raises many dilemmas. Several studies have shown the dangers of drinking coffee. Even in antiquity, the Middle East, coffee beverages could be unlawful because it often creates a negative effect. What are the dangers of this delicious coffee?

Coffee consumption has been so widely known today, and various warnings from experts had repeatedly expressed over the years against many dangers that threaten the coffee drinkers. The results showed that coffee enthusiasts should be aware of the dangers that could arise from their coffee drinking habits. Hazards include heart disease, diabetes and even some cancers. However, many people ignore this warning. Why?

During recent years, researchers have published their research results about from drinking coffee. However, the researchers made a conclusion that is yet to reach a convincing conclusion. Why? Because usually the researchers only examined the dangers of caffeine, one of the 500 natural chemical constituents in a cup of coffee. So in fact a study of coffee is still not final and is far more complex.

Caffeine contained in coffee has a stimulant effect is quite dangerous. Caffeine can cause a person to have difficulty sleeping. Caffeine also causes a person difficult to control emotions, and difficulty concentrating. Caffeine is also indicated could lead to cancer.

A Dutch study shows that coffee can increase cholesterol by 10 percent. Especially if you drink coffee without a filter and directly heated. Cholesterol itself known to cause heart problems. A British nutritionist recommends drinking fresh coffee and not coffee that has been processed, heated and boiled for some time.

For coffee enthusiasts, experts recommend drinking coffee in the fair. Avoid drinking more than six cups of coffee a day. For those who have heart problems, kidney problems and high blood pressure should drink enough coffee one cup a day. For pregnant and nursing women, should also drink no more than a cup of coffee a day. Coffee was delicious, namunkesehatan far more important than enjoying coffee in excess. 
Enjoy your coffee cup!

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