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food for chemotherapy patients should receive special attention, because the process of chemotherapy usually cause side effects associated with appetite.What is healthy food for chemotherapy patients? 
When undergoing chemotherapy, cancer patients often experience side effects such as loss of appetite, nausea or difficulty chewing and swallowing. 
For that reason, chemotherapy patients should be given nutritious food and enough calories to avoid weight loss is undesirable. Reported by LIVESTRONG on Wednesday (10/11/2010), here are some good healthy food for chemotherapy patients: 

1. Mashed potatoes 
Mashed potatoes are not only healthy and nutritious, these foods are also one of the best food for chemotherapy patients. National Cancer Institute recommends mashed potatoes because the food is soft and easily chewed. This food is also softer and lighter in the stomach, so it is important to reduce nausea and vomiting.Mashed potatoes can be cooked with milk and butter to increase the calories that can help prevent weight loss. 

2. Cottage Cheese 
Cottage cheese (low fat cheese) has several advantages for chemotherapy patients. Cheese is high in protein so it can accelerate the healing and restoring energy. In addition, Cottage cheese is soft and easily chewed. Cottage cheese is available in individual sizes that can be used as a snack. 

3. Eggs 
Eggs are also high in protein which is suitable for chemotherapy patients. Try serving eggs in different ways, such as heat or cold. Scrambled eggs are also suitable for snacks chemotherapy patients, while the egg salad that can be added mayonnaise to add calories. 

4. Soup 
Soup is another option that is suitable for chemotherapy patients. National Cancer Institute states that many people do not want to eat solid food after chemotherapy, but patients still need to get calories, vitamins and minerals. Soup can help meet the nutritional chemotherapy patients. National Cancer Institute recommends cream soup, like cream of broccoli soup is high in calories so it can help reduce and prevent weight loss from chemotherapy. 

5. Nuts 
Nuts are a source of nutrition and protein to patients who have difficulty eating meat. Avoid using strong spices in foods made from peanuts, because of the strong spice to interfere with abdominal discomfort. 

6. Pudding 
Pudding snack suitable for chemotherapy patients. If you make the pudding itself, consider adding milk or other ingredients that can improve the nutrition and calories. 

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