Saturday, November 6, 2010


You have known  the benefits of banana fruit, delicious and high nutrient content it contains, is not it? But how about the efficacy and benefits of a banana peel? There are still many people do not know.

During this time, people always consume the fruit of the banana plant. In general, consumers throw away a banana peel after eating the fruit. They consider a banana peel is a waste or garbage that is not useful. According to Besse (2000: 2) the number of banana peel quite a lot, which is approximately 1 / 3 of an unpeeled banana.

Apparently, from a variety of information and research obtained, that bananas peel contain a lot of good carbohydrate contents and the skin. Therefore, the skin of bananas can be processed into a certain food. Results of chemical analysis showed that the composition of a banana peel contains a lot of water that is 68.90% and 18.50% in the amount of carbohydrate.

The result of the research team Chung Shan Medical University Taichung, Taiwan, showed that banana peel extract was the potential to reduce symptoms of depression and maintain the health of the retina of the eye. Besides rich in vitamin B6, also turns out a lot of banana peels contain serotonin, which is vital to balancing moods. In addition there are also benefits of banana extract to protect the retina from light damage due to regeneration of the retina.

Meanwhile, to overcome depression, the researchers advised to drink boiled water or make a banana peel in the form of fresh juice for a couple of times a week.

Let's look at the benefits of the banana peel as follows:
  • Irritation from mosquito bites - a banana peel helps soothe the skin after insect bites or mosquito
  • Treating poison ivy rash - banana peel soothing and cooling the skin after an allergic response and may help reduce the outbreak of the rash.
  • Reduce bruising - a banana peel to accelerate the natural healing and recovery process so that the skin cells to regenerate and recover.
  • Getting rid of warts - a banana peel can be used to cover the warts and provide relief from skin irritation size. Peel helps to heal warts and surrounding skin so the skin cells to regenerate naturally this. Banana peels could be cut and taped over the wart for securing in place of -. This can take about 5 - 7 days for the wart to heal completely, but the compound in the skin to help accelerate the process of healing and skin regeneration.
  • Getting rid of plantar warts - Also get rid of common warts that form on the top, a banana peel to skin to help reduce pain and irritation is located plantar warts on the soles of the feet. In this skin can be placed directly on the wart to help reduce inflammation and pain and restore skin.
  • Treating acne - because it involves inflammation of acne and skin irritation, the inside of a banana peel can be used to soothe skin and reduce acne outbreaks.
  • Banana peel for Managing Wrinkles banana peel contains many nutrients and minerals that can help restore the skin .. When applied on the forehead, perhaps they could also valuable maintenance headaches regularly hit the inside of the skin on large areas of skin such as forehead or cheek side to help tighten skin and reduce appearance of wrinkles. will be no instant results but the skin will look fresher, firmer and healthier.

By looking at the existing benefits, so start now make use of banana peel and do not throw it useless. It would be nice if the skin of bananas can be used so that it becomes something more useful.

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