Friday, January 1, 2010


As we know, high blood pressure or hypertension is a dangerous disease that can cause heart disease and stroke. Many of the factors causing hypertension such as  heredity, age, salt, cholesterol, Obesity, Stress, smoking, alcohol or exercise less.  These factors can be controlled and some that can not be controlled, such as high blood pressure caused by hereditary factors. The factors above are common factors that are known to many people today. But one thing is somewhat surprising is that according to the study, caffeine could trigger a rise cholesterol in human blood. How is it happen?

In Netherlands a study shows that coffee can increase cholesterol up to 10 percent. This can happen if the coffee is drunk without immediately filtered and heated. With this increase in cholesterol, can be concluded that caffeine can cause high blood pressure. This is because cholesterol is up to 10% increase when we drink coffee. Not only that, caffeine can also cause a person difficulty sleeping, difficult to control emotions, difficulty concentrating, and caffeine can also indicated trigger cancer.

If this is true, then it's time to drink fresh coffee and not coffee that has been processed, with the first heated and boiled for some time. For fans of coffee, avoid drinking more than six cups of coffee a day. For those who have high blood pressure should drink one cup of coffee a day.