Wednesday, December 16, 2009


In daily activities, while you may no activities or stay alone at home, maybe you suddenly remember someone who has ever graced your life or remember someone who ever meant so much to you. Say that your ex-lover, your old friend, your parents or anyone who has ever stopped in your heart. You are reminded of your past with all the sweetest thing you've ever experienced. With all your memories, you wish  to see and want to talk and share with them again. Unfortunately you do not know either where they are today, and no longer possible to gather such as in the past.

Now, all of memories that stay only a mere memory and that may still remaining is when you remember the last moments will part with them. There are migrated to the other country, there are going to other town for school, there are stay at hometown untill now and much more. It's been five, ten, fifteen and even tens of years you never see them again, and the grains of the memory still remains. When this is not unlikely that you feel very sad, labil,  even if you thought of the last sweetest and most beautiful things that you experience, it might you’re crying now.

If you are currently experiencing it now, where you miss all the people who gave you a sweet memories or  even one "ahead" of the Creator, how you can react so as not to drown in the "emotions" are more in?
Open up your memory albums, enjoy your all nostalgic songs and pray for them. Instantly you will feel energized, your soul will be calm, everyday you will always be beautiful, and consider them as part of the life journey full of waves and meanders.


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