Monday, December 14, 2009


You can remember the early days of blogging? Any idea who wants to be poured at times to be edited several times, changing the titles of postings several times or even to want to upset and crying when a posting appeared broken or not performing as we expected. And you may also have changed the template, but forgot to back up the old template, so consequently shattered blog. But with determination and the principle of relentless, now it's over, isn't?

Currently blogging world has been a distinct trend in the Internet world with a variety of purposes such as writing on various topics such as Motivation words, job and career, online business, business information, internet business ideas, marketing, seo tester, seo tools, google adsense, online business opportunities,  free blog submition, life and style, blog promotion, or monetize blog also, where the blog  uses to make money from the internet. In blogging, what would be poured not only for their own consumption, but will be offered to millions of readers around the world for free and with sincere intentions. One of the most beautiful thing about blogging is that everyone can each "stealing knowledge" and greeted each other even though not face to face.

The extent to which blogging bring about a change in yourself? With the "normal duties" makes posting on the blog, of course, we will always try to find the info or even to fantasize and looking for new ideas for presentation to the reader. With the track and read the info, of course, our knowledge will be vast and growing. When the info or the ideas we get, and we write to the blog with a series of his own words, then writing talents are also increasing sharply. When we are faced with the editing problem while the access is sometimes a long time, so we also tested the patience. When we get good requests that fellow bloggers via chat, shoutmix or comments, we will certainly come back with a smile even give "click" value as a sign of gratitude for their visit. In this case the hospitality we have also increased, because we also will always come and give smile to your blog friends as ramahtamah visit.

if we return to the posting title above how far blogging can change yourself? So blogging has been able to modify and improve the talent, knowledge, patience and friendliness of its users.

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Improve the money ! :D Nice entry, good job !