Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Only with themed movie Doomsday is going to happen about 2 years next ie in 2012, almost all people in the world feel bitter and  wondered about that awful day. Just imagine if the stars were falling, the sun set suddenly, the sea and ocean flooding, land and mountains asunder, and the powerful storm. Where we're going to hide? Nothing! Life will vanish, there is nothing left. All the creatures will perish, all the sophisticated technology will not be able to do anything.After the terrible incident was over, what happened? Only God Knows!

If we speak the Hour, as a religious man of course, we believe that only He is the Creator who has the earth with all its contents can arrange it all. He  can sets all the moves on the earth. Never mind the 2012 doomsday, even tomorrow  could happen an end, or even a few minutes could happen doom. That is the secret of the Creator.

But as the human who has mind and intelligence taht given by the Creator, and  with the human intelligence "may" could have predicted or saw the signs toward doomsday. According to us, doomsday marked by the collapse of the planet from space that will hit the earth with the power and the all-powerful heat. If  visits to the beginning, the emergence of the issue or doom predictions in this 2012 is a planet discovered by Niburu Sumerians and was approaching the Earth system by connecting it to a virtual dismantling of ancient tribes, which ends at the 2012 winter and predicted doom will happen exactly 21 December 2012 .

According to research by the American Space Agency (NASA) that the planet is going to hit earth in 2012 is very small and probably not even possible. NASA also reported that Nibiru and other stories about the planet that was sliding toward the earth, is merely the internet hoax that has no basis. NASA information, if it Nibiru or other planets is coming and nearer to Earth, astronomers have previously been able to find at least a decade and it can be seen with the naked eye at the moment. NASA is also currently doing a survey to find asteroids that  will hit earth. "We have confirmed that there will be no asteroids that might hit Earth in 2012" they said.

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