Saturday, August 8, 2009


Nowdays, the usage of this peripheral have represented part of human being. Why not, with cell phone, You’d can communicating where on earth any time. With various gadgets which is very interesting , hence this cell phone is very suitable and very important for children, teen till adult. And so is laptop. Because this one is light, small, unique, and can be brought where on earth has also become very vital requirement in this time. More than anything else with wifi facility hence each and everyone can access any kind of. Also it does various sudden duty and also to enjoy video and game existing.

How far of these objects influencing your daily life? You surely say that both of this is very good and make your activity more practical. With a cell phone you can make communication with others were on earth. More than anything else, access to facebook has been could accessed by phone cell. So does laptop. All your work can be finished rapidly by using this object. It’s gadgets can make all your work will run fluently. While using phone cell you can finish your work by using laptop in the same time. Both of this are difficult separated from our daily activities.

But at the opposite of all advantage, the attendance of this peripheral have influenced life of social society. Why I said so? For example, if you are waiting for something in a place like market, school, office, mall,etc, the first target to play with is phone cell. By playing with your phone cell certainly you will not look around you or you will not try to speak each other. This situation maybe will make you be an egoist, progressively closed, and never paying attention around you, even you will not see your family or your mother behind you.

Why? Because your attention only concentrate with your cell
phone . And so does laptop. Many people when they back home, the first target is their laptop. More than anything else if you enthusiast of online business. Even when someone back home from office or school, directly they turn on their laptop for the first. Because of this, they have no time to their lovely family, l ovely wife and their children. They prefer sit in front laptop than share their time to his/her friend,his/her family, etc

So, please share your time correctly and don't let these objects influent your social and don't let these object influent you to uncare around you. Keep on touch with others although your laptop and your cell phone is used.

pieter m.s


Rose said...

thanks...good info

Rose said...

nice blog...thanks

Arfar said...

We must wisely, when should use it, when should not.
Nice post my friend :)

marry said...

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!

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