Sunday, August 23, 2009


Boredom is a natural process and almost all people feel this one. When saturation, impasse, not enthusiastic, sulking, disappointment, indolence, etc is coming to you, this is the first sign that you have a boredom. If this sign comes to You, You might be uninterested, unproductive, even easy aggrieved and easy angry. This condition will harm you.

How do you solve this problem? Maybe these tips can help you.

Try to learn a new one.
Start to learn a new one. Not only by reading a book or newspaper, but perceiving, listening, and interaction with others outside your office and house is one important to get something different. Beside that, you can take a course like painting, music sports or any kind of courses that match to your talent and ability.

Dare to change and make a Change.
You must have a daring to change yourself. When you go to office or party, try with different style and different dress. Not common dress. Arrange desk or book formation in office or at home also can be altered. If you use a laptop or a PC, try to install new game, new wallpaper (like flower or nature scene), and install new song which bring you remind your sweet memory. You must dare to change your daily activity. For example you can come sooner to your office and try to take different road from ordinary. If You work shift, try to offer for the turning of night shift and morning.

Take over a duty.
During this time duty of sweep, cleaning bathroom basin, watering the flower, burning garbage is possible handled by others. Please try to take over this duty so that your body will be dynamic and all your muscles will feel something different. If You feel much sweat , this condition will make you fresher.

Playing Crossword

This seems funny. Try to buy crossword book and answer the questions with relax.
Beside to sharpen brain also this matter make to find something new and joke.
Fill the box with words which you know and try to find a difficult word, so that you will feel a challenge and make you smile. When You are smiling, maybe you have gone out from this boredom.
by,pieter m.s

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Risma Hutabarat said...

When I got bored, I choose to ask my husband and daughter to make a trip out of town. It works for me. We can refresh our mind back by doing some fun activities with our loved ones ^_^