Monday, August 3, 2009


A person who works, studying, even which have pension, always has a target in their life. We can mention this target “Final Purpose”. Everyone has a different final purpose depend on their dream. It is not problem of how long or how short the time required to reach this target, definitive a final purpose is not keep handy. Barricade and problems always accompanying it and by dozens which fallen down even give up during its attainment process.

A final purpose sometimes sees not clear in the beginning till in the mid moment. Because of this “not clear” view, someone often chopp round and digress. Although they have started it better according to procedure. Its result? Final purpose lost!!. One of the most having an effect on this matter is mistake of procedure, beside the other factor.

Nowdays, many person reach a final purpose with good procedur in the beginning, but starting groggy and fallen down when they digress from procedure, including because of tempted by fascination and other opportunity.

If we imagine, a sure mountaineer is seldom see mountain top which wish to climb, but with an according procedure and never digressing although sometime there is a street turn, they still able to reach the top. And so an angler, he almost lost his fish that eat the bait, but because he follows and according a procedure, he able catch the fish.

So, a final purpose will be able to be reached by only a good procedure. If someone go out from the procedure, he will be lost his time, will feel tired and has more problems. This will break all the chances and it’s difficult to get it again. So to prevent the failure and get final purpose please according to procedure

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