Saturday, August 22, 2009


Readers, selling self for success is important. Selling self or self promotion is applying to whosoever, for all background, and for all profession. Someone who has a high potency and talent often losing of opportunity or losing their right time. The problem is many of them feel shy and no dare to sale themselves. With this situation often got difficult set eye on position and opportunity to round into progressively narrow.

Priding ability or inform greatness to others is fair and I think it's valid something that. Whoever you are and what's your profession, you competent conduct that. Every person that selling self has a destination to improve career, reach higher salary till build network. like a trader, without conducting promotion, there is no customer's enthusiastic.

In Selling self process must be conducted by holding ethics principles and respectable ways. You can do it without deteriorating or aggravating others or dropping others credibility even don't sale your self too two-bit or undercut. One thing must remember, When we sale ourselves please don't over acting like too predominating every forum or meeting or even dropping the spirit of others, and please don't be an arrogant.
Do it with by slowly but sure and don't be reluctant. Tell all your friends or tell when you join in a forum all your abilities and tell them that you can do many things, share your best experience and tell all you can do. In selling self process please avoid things joking. Teel the truth about you and all your abilities and talents.
by, pieter m.s

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