Sunday, February 21, 2010


Ever imagine if suddenly all the authors, both authors of books, songs, articles, or the bloggers disappeared from the face of the earth? If this happens, it's a very sad tragedy.

We will not be able to read the latest books, enjoy a variety of fresh and interesting articles, and any other reading sources.

The presence and role of a writer is a very important figure and always eagerly awaited.

When an author's newest novel released, then people will flock and are willing to queue for hours to get the latest works.

Likewise, when the tabloids or popular magazine published once a week will always be a bone of contention, fear miss out. A blogger who always post new tips about internet marketing or successful will also receive a visit from his fans.

The happiest thing for a writer is as widely read writings of people and received an enthusiastic response from readers. Increased happiness when writing can change the atmosphere and way of thinking person.

When writing skills sharper and able to produce a book or novel, It'll make more complete happiness. Why not, a book or novel that is the work that has spent time and thought, can be enjoyed by thousands of people, and of course making money taht very significant for survival.

By looking at the meaning and importance of the role of a writer who always contributed a lot of things, this is the best time for us to keep writing. Through a favorite blog, let's write to pour all the experience, knowledge and whatever information we know. So, ... Writing Never stop.


Anonymous said...

成功不是一個海港,而是一次埋伏許多危險的旅程。 ..................................................

Anup @ Hack Tutors said...

Good post man! You really touched my heart! ;)