Saturday, February 27, 2010


Has been completed of an education program such as  formal education or non-formal, this  is something fun. But today there are many obstacles faced by fresh graduates after completing their education either high school graduates or university. 

They are still difficult to get a job or open a new employment in accordance with the capabilities and has a bright future. These Constraints are influenced many factors, al: the limitations of available job opportunities or lack of expertise of the graduates.

Recognizing that the of serving formal education was not enough as the capital in improving skills, should someone have to actively improve the ability in many ways.

Let's try the following tips:
Immediately follow the training and non-formal education which is spread in many places. Join the Training / Education Center with applicative programs in the world of work, for example: Foreign Language and Computer.

Prepare yourself, whether it was an employee or Enterpreneur.

Do not focus only mastered one area, try to master all the fields. Look for opportunities as often and as much as possible in a variety of sources.

Following various side jobs while in college. This could train the way of thinking and practicing a positive attitude. Also to analyze problems in the world of work, and train maturity, and discipline.

The presence of the Internet world is very much helpful and provide millions of information. We can use this facility to improve skills and also to try to make a small business online. We can find a variety of jobs and a simple online business on the internet.

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