Sunday, November 2, 2014

Manure CURE cancer?

Cancer is a disease which is the biggest killer today. Almost everyone who has cancer is rarely cured, although there are many succes. Various methods are used to treat this degenerative disease. From medical treatment to traditional . Also with a variety of herbs. There is an experience in china, which is free of lung cancer by eating dirt mixed with water and drunk. 

Residents in a village in China has found a drink that they believed to be effective against cancer. Currently dozens of household drinking it every two times a day, as reported by Rocket News.

The story of the creation of unusual drugs originated from an old woman who lived in the village of Xiangtan in Hunan Povinsi, China last year were diagnosed with lung cancer and it is said that he does not have a long life. Her son, at that time BERKER away from Hainan hear a "drug", the drink made from a mixture of manure and water. This drink is said to be very effective against cancer, which is then passed on to his mother. 

This drink does not sound tasty at all, but about after eight months after the start of drinking, the old lady is still alive and claim to have a great improvement in his health, thus encouraging other families to start drinking a mixture of their own dung as a precaution. 

Fertilizers used in these strange concoction reportedly collected from the mountains and hills around the village, using Sappi and sheep dung. Manure is dried, fried and then crushed to powder memjadi. This powder is then mixed with hot water and taken twice a day during morning and evening. 
Although women know the condition improved, but there is no explanation that justifies the drink secaramedis can fight cancer.


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