Sunday, March 7, 2010


Today, talking about blogs, this famous media is a trend among the people who loved to write. This free facility to be a place to pour all ideas, write the latest information, to discuss the celebrity information, and blogs are also used as a place to express poetry. Many also are using blogs as an online store while providing online shopping tips and much other info.

The blogger can pour all the contents of the mind quickly on blogs. Shortly after writing is complete, this post published directly and readers can enjoy his writing. Although the rules of writing are often run from the grammar point and also a mess, their own style remains confident in his writing.

Can a bloger is said a Citizen Journalist? This may have a different answer.

As far as we know, Citizen Journalist is the active participation of the activities undertaken by the community in the collection, reporting, analysis and delivery of information and news.

From the definition above, a Citizen Journalist meant can convey information or any news and conveyed through any medium. A Citizen Journalist can even convey information orally. Especially writing.

In writing, the Citizen Journalist focused not only through offline media, but also online. Today many online services that can cater for their information. Even a Citizen Journalist can make a blog and be a bloger with a personal blog as a place of delivery of information.

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