Sunday, September 13, 2009


She was born severely handicapped and she was born without arms. Her left leg was only and half size of her right one.
Her talent in music is obvious. Now she is a professional singer. Lena learned to drive at 18 and she designed a reconstructed car according to her special physical condition. She used to control the steering wheel by her feet.
But now she install a control stick to control the functions in the break and acceleration pedal.
Her parents taught her to swim at age 3 and she joined the world champion cup and She broke the records at 18.
She could swim the freestyle very well at 6. Therefore Lena’s potential skill in swimming was inspired. She had good records in swimming and become the swimming representative of Sweden at 15
Lena swam in the World Swimming Cup at 18 broke the records and won four gold medals in butterfly stroke. She loved music since childhood her talent in singing was obvious Though she has no arms. She plays the piano with her feet and sing with the music. After graduating from high school she entered the Music College and Majored in vocal music She was

Lena says she never feels sorry for her handicap because there are so many things to overcome in life. Dealing with her handicap At first we wanted a fork for lena use but Lena used chopsticks with As much flexibly as we did.
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lina@happy family said...

You're right. Lena Maria is an amazing woman. Her story will inspire others...