Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Tip #1 - pre-interview research
  • use the Internet to get the scoop on the company, and
    model yourself into their ideal candidate!

Tip #2 - Predict their questions in advance - and rehearse your answers

  • most interviewers will be focused on seeing how your past responsibilities in other positions relate to the job offered. Since you've studied the company online, you can roll out a prepared answer.

Tip #3 - Dress like an actor (read below for clarification)

Mentally, it's important to dress in a way a casting director would have someone dressed the job interview in a film.
Yes, you got it - men, neatly pressed white shirt, suit, and a tie. Leave the body jewelry at home.

Women, be certain to avoid any item that can raise an eyebrow, including

skirts shorter than an inch above the knee;

very high heeled shoes, sandals, an open toe or heel;

neckline much below the collar bone, make-up that "looks" like make-up instead of an enhanced complexion.

Why? An interview is role playing time for you as well as the interviewer. Play it the way the ritual is intended.

Tip #4 - Plan 6 main points you want to get across in the interview, regardless if you are asked.

Most people think they only have to respond to answers. But there is a way of weaving your answers into their questions.

Rehearse this in advance by predicting their questions
and answering them with key points.

What points should you address? Consider this:

Positive, Powerful, Personal anecdote of glowing achievements in past position:

A list of at least 3 key benefits you offer the company that can solve a known issue (you gleaned on their web, remember?)

A direct statement of how you can help the company achieve their goals.

Tip # 5 - A Positive Attitude, and a smile!

A smile Radiates positive energy. It lifts the mood of the person interviewing you and can get you the job!

So remember these job hunting interview tips, rehearse your interview skills, and you will be fine!

Source: Marisa D'Vari

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